Our Licensed Advisors


Jason Seeger | Email ME

Jason started his insurance career at an insurance brokerage in Queens New York, where he quickly found an interest in trucking insurance. He then led the trucking team at a technology focused brokerage before starting LuckyTruck. He enjoys karaoke, ping pong, and time with his family.

Devin Bostick | Email Me

Devin started his insurance career working for Great American Insurance in the Property and Casualty division. He then worked for another brokerage for two years before starting LuckyTruck. Outside of insurance, he finds time to relax in the outdoors, fishing, and cooking various dishes.


Char Seeger | Email Me

Char has a history of financial services work. Prior to LuckyTruck, she provided loan services to help businesses stabilize their cashflow. In her personal time, Char avidly enjoys the arts, the outdoors in upstate NY, and coming up with great ideas.

Customer Service Experts


Daniela Prokic

Daniela has a history of trucking experience starting in freight forwarding before switching to insurance. At LuckyTruck, serves in a non-licensed capacity to help truckers have a better insurance experience. An avid reader, Daniela is always looking for a good book, the next adventure or time traveling outside with her family and friends.


ERic Durmanovic

Eric has a history of strong customer service. Prior to LuckyTruck, he worked in customer service for a European cruise line, traveling for almost a year at sea. Feel welcome to reach out to him to learn more about the LuckyTruck experience. He is a Taekwondo master and in his free time, he enjoys the little things and cooking traditional dishes for his family.


Peter Vasiljevic

Peter is approaching his eighth year in logistics, starting in dispatch before working as the leading logistics director for a medical company. He then started his own logistics company prior to joining LuckyTruck. He also has five years of enterprise and resource planning consulting. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, the outdoors, and time with his wife and son.


Maria Vojnovic

Maria plays a leading role on the LuckyTruck customer service side by educating truckers about the LuckyTruck program. Prior, she worked for an airline as a customer care consultant. An avid fan of the transportation sector, one of her theme is, “It’s important to move and to keep moving.” Outside of work, she loves to travel and has currently visited over 30 countries, volunteer toward different local causes, and make a difference in her community.


Luca Stojanovic

Luca is on his second year in transportation. Prior to LuckyTruck, he worked for a logistics company called Nexus Auto Transport, helping customers transport vehicles throughout the US. He plays an integral role in the LuckyTruck customer service experience providing reliability, convenience, and speed. As a passionate music listener, he always seems to have a song stuck in his head, dislikes mornings, and has two favorite colors red and white! Beyond that, Luca is a family man who enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones.

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